Shiny New Website!

Shiny New Website!

by | May 11, 2021 | General | 0 comments

It’s here!

Wow! I couldn’t wait for today. I’m bubbling with joy because today I get to introduce you to my new website! I’m absolutely thrilled at the look of it. My deepest and sincere thanks to Nick Hunt for such a gorgeous website encompassing three things I love, the ocean, romance and adventure (in no particular order). More thanks go to J. A. Culican for the website home banner. And also, a million thanks to Kalie H for her stunning headers and background images. I’m truly fortunate to have worked with such talented, patient and incredible designers.

Hope you love this website as much I do.

Once I’m published one day, (everything crossed) I’ll have more to add to the site.

For now, enjoy!

My best,



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