Chasing the Dream

Chasing the Dream

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It’s been 84 years… okay maybe 9 years (today) but feels like 84 years since I started writing.

Although I’ve always been passionate about telling stories from a young age, I didn’t pluck up the courage to bring my ideas to life until one evening …Friday 25 May 2012. My husband and I had just had our dinner and were watching TV, flicking through the channels trying to find a nice Friday night movie.

Then I saw George R. R. Martin on television and a huge map behind him. He was talking about how he created the fantasy world for his international bestselling series—one I was a huge fan of—until the ending messed with my head (but that’s a story of another day).

Like an epiphany, I realised what was missing in my life. I’d always wanted to write, and at that moment, I knew I could. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, grabbed an A3 paper (yep, full-sized A3) I had to find the biggest paper in the house, and two pens—in case the other one ran out of ink (as if-writer in progress). I brought them into the lounge and laid them on the floor.

My husband looked at me like I’d come from another planet… “What are you doing?”
“I’m writing a book,” I said, already scribbling.
He raised his brows, then, “Okay…”

And that’s how it started.

9 years later, I’m still writing. I’m still chasing that beautiful dream that one day I’ll get to share my stories with lots of readers around the world.

Has it been all butterflies and magic?


Chasing the dream has been a roller coaster of emotion. But this quote sums it all for me.

So I continue to write, and despite the many hurdles I’ve gone through navigating this journey, I live in hope that one day, the ‘ups’ will outweigh the ‘downs’ …

Best wishes,


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