Thursday Teaser

Thursday Teaser

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I made some great progress on my WIP self-edits this week and thought to post a little teaser of this scene. It’s one of my favourites when my MC really grasps the danger she is in.

Want to guess the genre of the book? My MC is in a dark, ghostly pit and something sinister has shoved her in there along with a few others. Soon the ‘baddies’ will come for them: they’re around… lurking, waiting…drooling …

Here’s a short teaser to give you an idea:


“We’re the bait, and you’re the prize.” He edged away from me, voice shaking.

Is my mark contagious?

 “Why are you afraid of me?” My breaths came short and sharp. “They’ll hunt me just like you.” 

“Some of us will escape or survive,” he said coldly. “But you will not. They’ll hunt you to the ends of the world.”

 “Good thing I come from beyond the ends of this world then,” I snapped. “I won’t give up.”

 “You’re marked. You can’t change your fate.”

 “My fate is what I make of it.” Defiance thrummed in my blood.

“So says the girl stuck in a pit.” But there was admiration in his voice. “I love the fire in you. You’re kindling your own flame. Keep it burning.”

And burn I would.

But not from a fire of my own making.


Hope you loved this little teaser.

Happy Thursday!



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