Revisions! Revisions!

Revisions! Revisions!

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Ah, wonderful world of revisions… *deep sigh*

Some writers welcome revisions, some simply endure them… some run away so fast, only to reluctantly return sometime later. Either way, to make it in the writing world, one needs endurance.

Recently I’ve been re-editing my YA Paranormal Romance WIP. I’d gone through it multiple times and all was well, so I thought. But not quite. Like they say, a story is never complete until a reader reads it and completes it. Halfway through my editing, I realized that the story would read much better with only one POV instead of the original dual POV.  Dual POV is tricky at the best of times but I thought I’d nailed this one until I let the story rest for 9 months then returned to it.

So with a heavy heart, I forced myself to cut one POV which meant rewriting half the book. Yes, half the book, the book I’d spent months toiling on, the book that beta’s loved. It was a big decision, but I figured I had nothing to lose. Why not give it a try and see how it ends up. That way when I come to submitting this to my agent, I can pick the best version of the story.

For now, I’m thrilled with the progress. Already I can see the benefits:

📘Tension has increased
📘Pacing is much better
📘Conflict, conflict, conflict

Revisions are not great at the start, but once you finish, the results are usually amazing.

Here’s a one-liner of the start of my pitch:

In a kingdom built by slaves and ruled by monsters, humans are livestock …

More to come soon.

Happy revising,



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