One word hook

One word hook

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A while back I asked some authors on Insta the following question:

How would you describe your book/story/WIP using only one word?

It’s not easy coming up with one word for (+-80k) words of text, but the authors were awesome. Check their answers below, and my immediate thoughts as I read them.

Me: Oooh…. I can only imagine the creepies in the quiet of the night///

Adventurous. 😀
Me: I absolutely adore an adventure story.

Me: Oooh, great twists are the best.

Me: I’ll have some tissues ready. I always cry when a character is facing some tough/trying moments.

Hopefully EPIC (friendship)
Me: I love a friendship story – Epic? Even better.

Shady 😂😂😂
Me: Ooh, intriguing. Bring it on 😊

Frightening (it’s a crime book) 😮❤️
Me: Ohhh, shivers.

Me: Ahhh, tears in my eyes.

For my current project, the story of my heart, I’d say MAGICAL.

Every time I reread it, I’m reminded of how much I love the story:

📘The characters
📘The setting
📘 The friendship

📘 Love

Happy magical writing!



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