A new project

A new project

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Writers | 0 comments

What is the hardest part of starting a new project? For me:

📘Getting Started
📘Planning (because I’m really a pantser)
📘Believing in the project

With 2021 coming to an end and a new year coming up, I’ve been reflecting a great deal on my writing. I love writing so much that I can’t imagine not writing.

Each year I learn something new and one thing I’ve noticed is how my writing has improved over time. But there’s still tonnes more to learn and one of my 2022 goals is to improve my craft. I’ve always written in the YA space because that’s where my heart is, and I’ll never stop.

But I’m hoping to try something different, branch out and write in the adult space and see if I can pull it off. This will be the biggest challenge yet, but after some thought, I figured, why not try and see how it goes.

Here’s to 2022, and wishing you all the best in everything you set out to do! ❤

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