Light of my Heart

Light of my Heart

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In May 2022 it’ll be TEN years since I started writing!!!


So many stories I’ve penned down, learning as I went, and even now I’m still going. Will I ever stop? Um, hopefully not. The joy writing brings me is unsurpassed. I get to escape to different worlds, be instrumental in building them, deciding what goes where, who does what, and imagine amazing characters doing all sorts of fantastic things …

To mark this incredible journey I shall be picking and sharing some of the texts from my very first stories:

This one was from my MC’s love interest – and he was a really thoughtful guy… and loved writing his about his feelings …

Light of my heart

If one candle can light hundreds of candles, one heart can beam for us all.

I’ve always known she was never just mine. Her light beams across worlds, across oceans, across mountains. She gives me her whole, yet part of her is not mine, or hers to give. I’d rather have a part of her regardless of how small that might be, than no part at all …


Hope you enjoyed this text (without much context – I know 🙂 but hope it’s not too bad anyway…

Happy writing,



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